Glue Pallet Shaft

Glue Pallet Shaft

Labelling at the Highest Level: How the Perfect Glue Pallet Is Created
When it comes to beverage packaging, achieving the desired look is crucial. One of the key components in this process is the glue pallet, which accepts labels and glues them to containers. Let’s explore how these glue pallets are designed and manufactured to ensure optimal performance.

Precision Matters
  • Shape Compatibility: Glue pallets must precisely match the shape of the label. Whenever a new label design is introduced, a new set of glue pallets is required to accommodate the altered label shape.
  • Optimal Grooving: The pallets need to have the right grooving to ensure that glue is applied precisely where it should be. Proper grooving ensures the correct glue quantity for effective adhesion.
  • Swift Production: Time is of the essence. New labels often need to be run at the client’s facility within a tight timeframe. Efficient production processes are essential.
  • State-of-the-Art Manufacturing
  • At Mefe, glue pallets are manufactured on a state-of-the-art, almost completely automated production line. Here’s what makes these pallets stand out:
  • Maximized Precision: Glue pallets are manufactured with utmost precision. This precision ensures optimal feed movement at the container, minimizing wear and tear on both the rubber coating of the pallet and the rest of the labelling unit.
  • Clean Operation: Accurate pallets prevent excessive or incorrectly distributed glue, keeping the machine clean and efficient.
  • Visual Appeal: The quality of glue pallets directly impacts the visual appeal of the final product on supermarket shelves. Well-tuned gluing functions lead to high-quality labels.
  • Quality Assurance
  • Mefe ensures quality through:
  • Automatic Measurement: Meticulous measurement of blanks and finished components leaves no room for deviations.
  • Automation Advantages: Speedier production and consistent quality.
  • Remember, the glue pallet is more than just a component; it’s the key to achieving label perfection.

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